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V350 JEUNESSE ALLURE Facial Cleansing Brush



THREE modes represented with THREE different colors:(red, blue, purple) and FIVE speed adjustment

Red mode function use the thermal energy.
Blue mode use high frequency vibration.
Purple mode use EMS microcurrent.



Remove the makeup quickly and deeper with HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION up to 8000 per minute. In the same time you receive a slowly massage and your skin is getting free from excess horniness, makeup residue in pores and grease dirt.







This device is built in an ergonomic way and touch to all parts of the face perfectly, evenly distribute heat energy, it helps to open pores at a suitable temperature, remove pore waste and grease, clean more thoroughly.






The microcurrent function of the V350 JeunesseAllure device offers a variety of benefits, stimulates skin vitality, activates the movement of deep skin cells, promotes collagen generation, restores skin elasticity and produces an instant skin treatment. Continuous daily application will provide more cumulative long-term and lasting results!




Just another stressful day at work? You finish your working day too late for your appointment with your beautician?
Don’t let this to affect your skin!! Turn your beauty home routine in a spa treatment
Start removing makeup using your face cleansing mousse together with the beauty device V350 JeunesseAllure. Beginning with the front edge head, which is made of soft silicone that is easy to clean and disinfect and make a slowly massage with the BLUE 
function. This color will take you to the depth of the sea symbolizing the depth of your soul….
 Dry the skin well and apply your favorite serum. By activating the RED 
function of your V350 JeunesseAllure device, this will reach the ideal temperature to open the pores and that provides heat to your face preparing it for more effective absorption. At the same time, it relaxes your skin, exfoliates, and stimulates at the cellular level without irritating it. Now your skin is ready to receive the nutrients that your mask provides them in the next 15 minutes and you will have time to relax your mind and body by hearing your favorite song lying in your sweat ♥ home
After taking off your mask, you can continue applying Hydrating Gel , velvety gel that hydrates and protects against dehydration while activating your microcurrent devices. Activating the PURPLE 
function of the device that helps improve facial contour ton and appearance of fine line and wrinkles